Susan Ashworth

Since graduating from Falmouth School of Art in 1991, Susan has continued to paint and her work has been exhibited in a variety of venues throughout the UK.

An ongoing theme within the work is the complex relationship between culture and nature.  This is represented on one level by the subject matter: natural elements within geometric spaces, and on another by combining open pattern brushwork with linear perspective.

The still life work is influenced by the paintings of Richard Diebenkorn and his theme of the table top landscape.  The lemon paintings were based on photographs taken in the warm glow of candlelight: the interest here being very much in colour.

The seascapes are drawn from photographs taken of the East Sussex coastline.  The driftwood shaped supports and the free, layered brushwork, draw attention to the materiality of the surface disturbing the illusionary depth of the snapshot.


The Open West, Cheltenham Art Gallery
Foss Fine Art, London
D'art Gallery, Dartmouth
Morgan Boyce Contemporary Arts, Marlborough
Made In A Snow Covered Garden, Oxmarket Centre, Chichester
Group Exhibition, Serena Hall Gallery, Southwold
Open Exhibition, Black Swan Arts, Frome
Group Exhibition, Exposure Gallery, Swansea
Views From A Room, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery
Elevation, The Phoenix Gallery, Brighton
Sussex Open, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

  • Bird Cup by Susan Ashworth
  • Cup With Orange Ground by Susan Ashworth
  • Echeveria by Susan Ashworth
  • Field Near Glyndebourne Farm by Susan Ashworth
  • From The Shadow Of A Tree, Glyndebourne by Susan Ashworth
  • Grey Tea #2 by Susan Ashworth
  • Lemon & Saucer #2 by Susan Ashworth
  • Lemon Wedges & Shadows by Susan Ashworth
  • Lemons by Susan Ashworth
  • Lemons On A Plate by Susan Ashworth
  • Lemons With Brown Background by Susan Ashworth
  • Milk Bottle & Cup by Susan Ashworth
  • Newhaven Breakwater #2 by Susan Ashworth
  • Newhaven Lighthouse & Seaford Head by Susan Ashworth
  • Silent Round Dittisham Bend (Study #1) by Susan Ashworth
  • Smeaton's Pier, St Ives by Susan Ashworth
  • St Ives Harbour by Susan Ashworth
  • The Lighthouse by Susan Ashworth
  • Trees At Glyndebourne Farm by Susan Ashworth
  • Trees At Glyndebourne Farm 1 by Susan Ashworth
  • Trees At Glyndebourne Farm 2 by Susan Ashworth
  • Two Lemon Wedges by Susan Ashworth
  • Zaki II by Susan Ashworth