John Douglas Piper

"John studied drawing at the Wimbledon School of Art and then went on to pursue a BA in product and furniture design at Kingston University, a field in which he subsequently worked for more than a decade.  He moved from London to Cambridge in 2005 and this relocation and change of pace of life heralded a return to his creative roots and to his first true passion: that of drawing.

"The close attention to the crafting of a line and of an object, so central to John's creative education and work, lends itself particularly well to the highly exacting medium of dry-point etching.  John moved from drawing to dry-point printing after coming to Cambridge and, as he states, this is an unhurried process developed in the 15th century and most suitable for the artist trained in drawing.  John's dry-point etchings focus on the theme of British wildlife, on the flora and fauna native to our isles, and he has a delightful and delicate touch when capturing the pose and poise of his subjects."

  • Bank Vole by John Douglas Piper
  • Common Frog by John Douglas Piper
  • Eurasian Wren by John Douglas Piper
  • Honey Bee by John Douglas Piper
  • House Spider by John Douglas Piper
  • Little Owl by John Douglas Piper
  • Robin by John Douglas Piper
  • Toad by John Douglas Piper