Andrew Walton

"A central preoccupation is with landscape. I work directly in the landscape to deepen experience and gather information. This is translated in the studio. The images are a synthesis. They are a fusing of the seen, known, remembered and maybe the sounds and smells as well.

"While local environment is special, travel has provided great inspiration. Cornwall, India, Spain, British Columbia.

"The museums of Oxford have been a source of fascination since childhood. I continue to visit and draw in them regularly. They have also been a spur to collect African carvings, skulls, feathers, Indian folk art as well as the general bits and pieces with which artists have a habit of cluttering their studios."

Andrew studied at Oxford School of Art and Cardiff College of Art, and was also a Junior Fellow at Cardiff College of Art.  He was Artist In Residence in Grand Forks, British Columbia, and has selected exhibitions for the Arts Council.

His work can also be seen via a mobile app link here.

Solo Exhibitions

Otmoor: Moonlight & Myths, Art Jericho, Oxford
Ground Work, Art Jericho, Oxford
X-Change Gallery, Oxford
Templeton College, Oxford
New Greenham Arts, Newbury
Gallery Vertigo, Vernon, British Columbia
Grand Forks Gallery, British Columbia
Verandah Gallery, Oxford
Electric Showroom Gallery, Abingdon
The Sewell Centre, Radley
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
Southern Arts Association, touring exhibition
Winchester Gallery, Winchester
Quay Arts Centre, Newport, Isle of Wight
Salt House Gallery, St Ives
Clare Hall, Cambridge
Bampton Arts Centre, Bampton
Artists Meeting Place, London

Group Exhibitions

X-Change Gallery, Oxford
Worlds End Gallery, London
Origins And Lemons, X-Change Gallery, Oxford
Creating A Vision, Russell-Cotes Art Gallery, Bournemouth
Four Artists, Luxters Fine Art, Henley On Thames
Marks Of Tradition, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
Cleveland Bridge Gallery, Bath
Eight Artists From The South, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton
The Experience Of Landscape, Arts Council touring exhibition
Trigg & Walton, Lady Lodge Art Centre, Peterborough
16 Studios, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
Human Concerns, County Museum, Woodstock
Group 83, School of Art, Banbury
Sheffield Open, Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield
Five Artists At Trinity College, Oxford
Trigg & Walton, Trinity College, Oxford
Salt House Gallery, St Ives
Oriel, Cardiff
Welsh Arts Council Gallery, Cardiff

  • Binsey Storm by Andrew Walton
  • Bossom's Boat Yard by Andrew Walton
  • Cup, Lemon & Shell by Andrew Walton
  • Floating Boathouse & Rainbow Bridge by Andrew Walton
  • Hills & Trees, Oxfordshire by Andrew Walton
  • Large Lemon & Shell by Andrew Walton
  • Lemon by Andrew Walton
  • Lemon & Orange by Andrew Walton
  • Lemon & Shell by Andrew Walton
  • Lemons On Blue Tie-Dye by Andrew Walton
  • Llangarron 1 by Andrew Walton
  • Llangarron 2 by Andrew Walton
  • Murmuration by Andrew Walton
  • Otmoor From Beckley Hill by Andrew Walton
  • Otmoor From Noke Hill by Andrew Walton
  • Otmoor From Noke Hill, Stubble Field by Andrew Walton
  • Otmoor Moon Screen by Andrew Walton
  • Otmoor Storm by Andrew Walton
  • Otmoor To Shipton-On-Cherwell by Andrew Walton
  • Otmoor, Rain Veil by Andrew Walton
  • Oxford From South Parks #1 by Andrew Walton
  • Oxford From South Parks #2 by Andrew Walton
  • Phil & Jim & Observatory by Andrew Walton
  • Roman Road, Otmoor by Andrew Walton
  • Shells by Andrew Walton
  • Simon's Land by Andrew Walton
  • South Parks Over Oxford by Andrew Walton
  • Willow Near Godstow Lock by Andrew Walton
  • Wittenham Clumps, Looking North by Andrew Walton
  • Wittenham Hill Fort #2 by Andrew Walton