David Wiseman

David Wiseman has been painting for over 35 years since leaving the Royal College of Art in 1975 most spent in his garden studio close to the local rivers, woodland and canal he loves and that inspire his work.  He has taught painting in numerous art schools across the country and has exhibited widely both as an individual and in many important selected group exhibitions. These include the New Contemporaries, John Moores, Hayward Annual, R.A. Summer Exhibition, Discerning Eye, London Group Open  etc. His individual shows include those at the Serpentine Gallery, Rowley Gallery, Water Street Gallery and Peterborough City Museum. He has taken part in touring exhibitions to Germany, U.S.A., and Spain including a British Council exhibition to Aachen and tour also including Hodgkin, Auerbach, Kiff and Kossoff. He has  exhibited in important curated exhibitions in this country at The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, Kettles Yard Gallery, Cambridge and the Camden Arts Centre. He has his  work in many corporate and public collections including the Arts Council, Prudential, The Bank of England, London Borough of Hammersmith, The Open University, Peterborough City Museum, Museo Municipal Ourense,  Barts and the London N.H.S. Trust,  Lewisham Hospital  and many more .In 1980 he was shortlisted for the National Gallery Artist in Residence.  His work is represented in private collections in all parts of the world and he has  completed 8 major public art works including large scale murals at Charing Cross, Frimley Park, Royal London and Ealing Hospitals. He was recently elected member of the National Acrylic Painters Association winning the Presidents Prize and Adrian Henri Memorial Prize in their exhibitions in St Ives and Birkenhead.  Elected to the London Group in their centenary year 2013. Winner of RWS Purchase Prize 2016. Winner Daler Rowney Prize 2016. Became member of the Arborealists 2017.

The works on canvas are made in the studio and I also work directly from the landscape with a variety of mixed media on smaller works on paper and canvas . My painting is inspired by particular landscape places or events using drawings, photographs and memory. Although spending a lot of time in Devon and the south coast I am equally inspired by local rivers and parklands close to my Ealing home.  When painting outside I try to convey the feeling of being part of the landscape.  I have been a keen runner for many years and most of my running is done along the riverside and canal that inspires much of my painting. This allows me to be absorbed by the landscape as I pass through it rather than seeing it as a picture postcard cut out image. I also want to instill this feeling of constant change and movement in my paintings.  They are begun in a loose, freely drawn calligraphic way using a series of marks, stains and shapes made with a wide variety of brushes, roller, scraper, sponge, etc.  The final image is slowly extracted in a playful, organic way using overlaid marks and glazes to express qualities of nature such as mood, light, colour, movement, atmosphere, space etc. I am attempting to find equivalents for the landscape in the physical qualities of paint, in order to express a feeling of flux in nature. I want the paintings to be intriguing, tantalising and ambiguous held between the plastic qualities of the paint and all the celebratory magical illusions and evocations of the depiction of nature.

Solo Exhibitions

Wiseman & Wiseman, The Rowley Gallery, London
Felix & Spear, Ealing, London
Cello Factory, London
Water's Edge, Water Street Gallery, Todmorden
The Art Wall, Kensington Place, London
Above Us Only Sky, Tricycle Gallery, London
Questors Theatre Gallery, Ealing
Islington Arts Factory, London
Minories, Colchester
Winchester Gallery
Polytechnic Gallery, Brighton
Centre 181 Gallery, Hammersmith
Peterborough City Museum & Art Gallery
Serpentine Gallery, London

Group Exhibitions

The London Group - Viewpoints, Felix & Spear, Ealing
The Arborealists, Nature in Art Gallery, Gloucester
Royal Watercolour Society, Bankside Gallery, London
The Deaf Canvas Listens, London Group, KCC Gallery, London
National Acrylic Painters Association, Oxmarket Centre, Chichester
London Group Annual, Cello Factory, London
Landmarks, Water Street Gallery, Todmorden
Royal Watercolour Society, Bankside Gallery, London
National Acrylic Painters Association, Crypt Gallery, St Ives
The London Group, Cello Factory, London
The London Group on London, Cello Factory, London
Drawn To It, Water Street Gallery, Todmorden
Bomberg to Rego, London Group, Southampton Art Gallery
Garden of Earthly Delights, Water Street Gallery, Todmorden
National Acrylic Painters Association, Pannett Art Gallery, Whitby
The London Group 100+, Cello Factory, London
Winter Season, Water Street Gallery, Todmorden
Landmarks, Water Street Gallery, Todmorden
100plus100, London Group, Cello Factory, London
The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London
National Acrylic Painters Association, Crypt Gallery, St Ives
Small is Beautiful, Bowman Gallery, Richmond
London Group Open Exhibition, Cello Factory
National Acrylic Painters Association, Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead
2011, 2010
ArtWorks Project Space, London
Water Street Gallery, Todmorden
Three Wise Men (with Betty Wiseman & Holly Wiseman), PM Gallery, Ealing
Crypt Gallery, St Ives
Architects Gallery, Teddington
The London Group Open, Menier Gallery
2008, 2006
Westlondonartists, Jersey Galleries, Osterley House
August Gallery, Brenchley
Opening Exhibition, Blue Wing Gallery, Padstow
Landscapes, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham
View, Artsway Arts Centre, Sway
The Discening Eye, Mall Galleries, London
Viewpoints, Osterley House, London
Riverside Artists, Museo Municipal Ourense, Spain
The British Landscape, Mall Galleries, London
Unique Visions, Riverhouse Gallery, Walton On Thames
Westlondonartists, Sackville Gallery, London
Transformations, Small Mansion Art Centre, London
Ealing Open, Pitshanger Manor Gallery, London
Critical Faculties, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston
Viewpoints, Artsway, Sway
VitalArt, Atlantis Gallery, London
Boundaries Of Landscape, Small Mansion Art Centre, London
Riverside Artists Group, Museo Municipal Ourense, Spain
Cheltenham Open Drawing Exhibition, Cheltenham
First Sight, Pitshanger Manor Gallery, Ealing
The Sea, Beatrice Royal Gallery, Eastleigh
Rexel Derwent Open Drawing Exhibition, Cheltenham
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
Woodlands, Trelissick Gallery, Truro
Myth, Dream & Landscape, Swiss Cottage Library Gallery
London Group Open, Royal College of Art, London
1982, 1976
John Moores Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
Hayward Annual, Hayward Gallery, London
Thirteen British Artists, Neue Galerie, Aachen & tour
Open Attitudes, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford


Arts Council
Royal College of Art
The Bank of England
London Borough of Hammersmith
The Open University
Peterborough City Museum
Museo Ourense

Public Murals

Charing Cross Hospital
Frimley Park Hospital
Royal London Hospital
Ealing Hospital

  • Dark Tangled Trees, Bright Water by David Wiseman
  • Dartmoor River by David Wiseman
  • Gower Riverside, Summer by David Wiseman
  • High Tide, Caerfai Bay, Rain by David Wiseman
  • In The Woods, Glynhir by David Wiseman
  • In The Woods, Winford, Isle Of Wight by David Wiseman
  • Incoming Tide, Hope Cove by David Wiseman
  • Looking Out To Bolt Tail, Hope Cove by David Wiseman
  • Pitshanger Riverside by David Wiseman
  • River Brent, Water's Edge by David Wiseman
  • River Of Changes by David Wiseman
  • River Rushing By Glynhir by David Wiseman
  • River's Edge, Late Afternoon by David Wiseman
  • Rocky Beach, Caerfai Bay by David Wiseman
  • Rocky River, Gorpley Clough by David Wiseman
  • Rushing River, Dartmoor by David Wiseman
  • Rushing River, Exmoor by David Wiseman
  • Rushing River, Morning by David Wiseman
  • Rushing Stream, Glynhir by David Wiseman
  • South Beach, Hope Cove by David Wiseman
  • Summer River, Distant Orange by David Wiseman
  • Trees Above The Sea, Swanage, No.3 by David Wiseman
  • Trees Above The Sea, Swanage, No.4 by David Wiseman
  • Trees Above The Sea, Swanage, No.5 by David Wiseman
  • Trees Above The Sea, Swanage, No.6 by David Wiseman
  • Water's Edge by David Wiseman
  • Water's Edge, Glowing Light by David Wiseman
  • Water's Edge, Glowing Light by David Wiseman
  • Water's Edge, Spring Light by David Wiseman
  • Where Glimmering Pebbles Lie by David Wiseman
  • Woodland Near St Davids by David Wiseman
  • Woodland River Walk, Gower by David Wiseman
  • Woodland Water Near Abergavenny by David Wiseman