Emily Phillips

Emily Phillips went to Wimbledon School of Art and Chelsea School of Art, studying fine art and illustration.  She went on to illustrate for Hachette in Paris, and draw cartoons for the Financial Times Group in London.

After a year in Paris, Emily went to the Van der Kelen School in Brussels for Trompe L'oeil where she won the Gold Medal.  The prize enabled Emily to be commissioned to paint all over the world, including spending a month in the Kremlin, painting the state rooms for Yeltsin, and weeks in Jordan painting for King Hussein who commissioned a 40ft wall of Pyrenees Marble to be painted for his war memorial.

After ten years as a professional painter, Emily segued into the Music Industry and has spent the last ten years signed to Warner Chappel writing songs.  With three top ten hits and a US top five, Emily has recently opened up the paint box again.  Instead of painting high realism as many of her previous commissions demanded,she is now exploring abstract compositions, endeavouring to create balance, intrigue and harmony using colour, shape and line.

Her current work sways from freedom of expression where the conscious mind is put aside as much as possible, to more illustrative, almost decorative astraction, where deliberate decision making guides the brush.

"The faster the process, the less the mind gets in the way.  And in much the same way with songwriting, the more you think about the lyric and melody, the less instinctive the music."


  • Animals by Emily Phillips
  • Blue Flag by Emily Phillips
  • Blue Stone by Emily Phillips
  • Blue Vase by Emily Phillips
  • Deco by Emily Phillips
  • Kites by Emily Phillips
  • Leaf by Emily Phillips
  • Lines by Emily Phillips
  • Pink Abstract by Emily Phillips
  • Pink Vase by Emily Phillips
  • Red by Emily Phillips
  • Squares by Emily Phillips
  • Wave by Emily Phillips