Freddy Morris

"I’m in a large barn with moth-eaten rugs, swallows nesting in the hayloft and a cauldron of wax bubbling on a stand. This is Freddy Morris’ studio, one of many in a ramshackle cluster of farm buildings on the edge of a stretch of reed beds...  Butley Mills Studios is principally a foundry run by the sculptor Lawrence Edwards...  Freddy makes intricate (cast bronze) sculptures with artfully tangled branches of local trees. Some look so delicate, as though you could lift them with a finger, but are surprisingly weighty and solid. He was originally a stone carver, “a relatively slow process,” he says, so loves the sudden transformation of casting...  The last time I met Freddy, he was living in a tree house at the Alde Valley Festival, making moulds from the surrounding trees."  Lucy Etherington: EADT Suffolk Magazine

The Tangle sculptures developed out of Freddy Morris’s earliest experiments in direct-burn out bronze casting. Originally trained as a stone carver, the contrast in the immediacy of the casting process led to his increased experimentation with materials capable of burning away directly in the kiln. The basic form of the Tangle sculptures are realised whilst still in wood - reconstructed from cut sections of branches. Casting these in bronze unifies the sections, creating branches which infinitely reach into themselves. The tangled forms of branches that can be seen when looking up through trees formed the basis for these initial sculptures.

Working with trees as a basis for the work was, perhaps, partially influenced by a move from London to the countryside a couple of years ago. Certainly the studios on Bultey marshes where Freddy’s training in bronze casting took place are defined by a sense of rural isolation. The works are equally the result of a desire to fully understand the method of lost wax Renaissance casting. The tangle pieces act as their own runner ‘feed’ system, carrying the bronze through and along their branches from the cup above. Repeating this system in each sculpture, as well as adapting to the various complexities of different wood types and their behaviours in a kiln, has allowed for a better understanding of casting on a whole.

Freddy Morris studied Architectural Stone Carving at City & Guilds in London before training to cast. His studio and foundry is based in Suffolk, UK.



Tangle, The Rowley Gallery, London
Alde Valley Spring Festival, Suffolk
Freddy Morris, Tessa Newcomb & Roger Hardy, Cumbria
Cornucopia, Suffolk
David Mitchell, Freddy Morris & Alice-Andrea Ewing, Aldeburgh
Doddington Hall Sculpture Park
March Exhibition, Haihatus, Finland
Alde Valley Spring Festival, Suffolk
Untitled: Alice-Andrea Ewing & Freddy Morris, Finland
Cornucopia, Suffolk
New Sculpture, Aldeburgh
Alde Valley Spring Festival, Suffolk
Burlington Bazaar, Burlington Arcade, London
Cornucopia, Suffolk
Alde Valley Spring Festival, Suffolk


  • Bracken by Freddy Morris
  • Oak IX by Freddy Morris
  • Oak VI by Freddy Morris
  • Oak VII by Freddy Morris
  • Oak VIII by Freddy Morris
  • Oak X by Freddy Morris