Jonathan Christie

"You need to look twice or two hundred times at Jonathan Christie's work.  There is an immediate appeal, it engages, it begins a dialogue.  It invites us to ponder, to look again at the ordinary and the everyday.

"It is subtle, gentle, luminous and with a profoundly spiritual quality: the stuff of our daily lives - a mug, a jug of flowers, a favourite object, the view from a window - through his eyes and hands become symbols of more profound and deeper realities.

"The techniques of watercolour, pencil and scraffito on the gesso board require us to look closely, and if we do, we discover that particularly English sensibility: the ordinary revealing the extraordinary; the everyday as a foretaste of the eternal: there is something of Blake, of Ravilious, of the Romantic in his work: the challenge of learning to be still, quiet and look beneath the surface of things."

Jonathan studied at Kingston Polytechnic and Maidstone College of Art.

He has also written a book on the life and work of George Smart.


RWS Contemporary Watercolour, Bankside Gallery, London
Summer Exhibition, Gallery TEN, Edinburgh
Summer Exhibition, The Bircham Gallery, Holt
Christmas Exhibition, Adam Gallery, Bath
Airs, Reels & Ballads, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
Christmas Exhibition, Fry Art Gallery, Saffron Walden
Touring Exhibition, Denmark
2005, 2004, 1998
Strand Gallery, Aldeburgh
The Art Of Living, Cabbages & Kings, East Sussex
1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993
The Kilvert Gallery, Clyro
Christmas Exhibition, Charleston Farmhouse
Summer Exhibition, The Sussex Arts Club, Brighton
Absolute RCA, Royal College of Art, London


  • Aldeburgh: Sea Wall by Jonathan Christie
  • Blue & White Mug: View To Gull Rock by Jonathan Christie
  • Cliveden Arches: After Duccio by Jonathan Christie
  • Duomo, Pienza by Jonathan Christie
  • Fondamenta Mori, Venice by Jonathan Christie
  • Four Sea Interludes, Aldeburgh by Jonathan Christie
  • Ghost House, Trehilyn by Jonathan Christie
  • Girl & Dog: St Ives by Jonathan Christie
  • Manor Farm: Ravilious Mug by Jonathan Christie
  • Pienza #2 (Where Ben Stood) by Jonathan Christie
  • Portloe: Slipway, Fierce Storm & Seaspray by Jonathan Christie
  • Portloe: Storm Off The Jakka by Jonathan Christie
  • Santa Croce by Jonathan Christie
  • Seaweed Mug: Durgan by Jonathan Christie
  • Siena Rooftops After Storm by Jonathan Christie
  • Staffordshire Figures In A Window by Jonathan Christie
  • View To Godrevy Over St Ives, Mist by Jonathan Christie
  • Winter On The Downs: The Secret House by Jonathan Christie