Liz Somerville

Liz graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1988 with a degree in textile design. For the next 10 years she had a number of design related jobs before moving to Dorset in 2004, where she has subsequently concentrated on her printmaking.

Since being a teenager Liz has experimented with print. The technique she is working with now combines linocuts and gouache. This allows her to re-work a single image many times, changing its appearance in each case.

Inspired by the work of Nash and Bawden and Ravilious, her imagery concentrates on landscape and the incidental forms and structures found within it. Her work explores the texture, rhythm and muscularity of land.

“There is a natural alignment of all the different elements in a landscape. There is an immovability of the land itself; time renders Man’s impact superficial and impermanent”.


Cutting Through, The Art Stable, Child Okeford
The Art Stable, Child Okeford
New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham
Gallery Nine, Bath
Ardeley Show, Stevenage
Town Mill Gallery, Lyme Regis
Autumn Show, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
Threshold 6x4, Study Gallery, Poole
Pierrepoint Gallery, Bridport
Beaminster Festival, Beaminster
The Gallery Upstairs, Henley-in-Arden
The Gallery Upstairs, Henley-in-Arden
Beaminster House, Beaminster
Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne
Pierrepoint Gallery, Bridport
Ardeley Show, Stevenage
Pierrepoint Gallery, Bridport

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  • Old Harry & His Mother #4 by Liz Somerville
  • Powerhouse by Liz Somerville
  • Sea Encircled #8 by Liz Somerville
  • The Embrace #9 by Liz Somerville
  • The Land Beneath My Feet by Liz Somerville
  • Vale #10 by Liz Somerville
  • We Are Islands #3 by Liz Somerville