Tim Robertson

Tim Robertson is from the north east of Scotland and studied at Edinburgh Art College. He worked for many years as an art director, writer and creative director, before finally returning full-time to art. He lives in west London.

In 2020 Tim worked with his brother, the award-winning poet Robin Robertson, on a book called Grimoire. A grimoire is a handbook for invoking spirits, and the poems read like lost chapters from the Celtic folk tradition. Tales of violent hungers, passions and dreads, of shape-shifters, changelings and doubles, all set within the strangeness and beauty of the natural world.

The expressionist drawings echo the spare, distilled writing. They are sharp-edged, inky and always on the edge of disappearing.

Since his work for Grimoire, Tim has continued to explore the two threads of nature and mutability in a series of murmuration drawings. The challenge here is to capture the movement of the birds and the restless fluidity of the of the shapes they make. A world of flight and flux.

In May 2021 Tim exhibited his prints and drawings in the Rowley Gallery window - Grimoire.

  • Crowd by Tim Robertson
  • Deer Running by Tim Robertson
  • Deer Running (2) by Tim Robertson
  • Deerhound by Tim Robertson
  • Fugue by Tim Robertson
  • He changed to the ways of a mountain hare by Tim Robertson
  • He dropped his head as if in consent by Tim Robertson
  • Heron by Tim Robertson
  • Host by Tim Robertson
  • I am running now, running with the deer by Tim Robertson
  • Murmuration by Tim Robertson
  • No longer man but hart by Tim Robertson
  • Otter by Tim Robertson
  • Settling with a soft click into goat by Tim Robertson
  • Stag Bellowing by Tim Robertson
  • The Donnachaidh falls by Tim Robertson
  • Then I turned to a starling by Tim Robertson
  • Throng by Tim Robertson