Robert Newton

"My work has become a direct response to an evolving, living landscape.  Often changing with the seasons, the work is attached to the slow progression of time.  Changing my palette with nature, from the grey and brown hues of winter to the reds, yellows and ochre of autumn, the work is a diary of my surroundings.  More so the bright and fresh greens, yellows and clear blue skies of springtime have special appeal, heralding the beginnings of a new year in the natural world and a new chapter in my visual diary.

"The beginning of any one of my works is tenuous and fragile.  Often paintings fail, however a few suggestive marks can bring to life the experience of being at a place in time.  Further development of simple marker pen sketches and charcoal drawings eventually become fully resolved paintings.  I paint alla prima with large brushes on small boards or canvases.  I strive to represent the nature of the landscape and paint.

"I often revisit places, they change subtly or more noticeably; the landscape is alive with destruction and reconstruction.  Trees fall down in the storms of winter, different crops are growing where cattle once grazed.  There is always something to paint; there is always inspiration."

Robert graduated from Sunderland University in 1998 with a Higher Diploma in Fine Art and he has been painting professionally ever since.  He occaisionally paints to commission; here are some he made earlier - 16 Newtons.  And here is a windowful of his paintings - Newton St George.

Solo Exhibitions

2008, 2006
Bianco Nero Gallery, Stokesley
Pinfold Gallery, Bowness
2006, 2002
Tallantyre Gallery, Morpeth
Broughton Gallery, Broughton
2005, 2004, 2002, 2001
Dial Gallery, Warkworth
2005, 2003
Grays of Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne
2004, 2003
The Line Gallery, Linlithgow

Group Exhibitions

Denise Yapp Fine Art, Monmouth
Josie Eastwood Fine Art, Sparsholt
Ruthven Gallery, Auchterader
2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004
Tallantyre Gallery, Morpeth
2008, 2007
Lime Tree Gallery, Long Melford
2008, 2006
Artonomy, Truro 
2008, 2005
Pinfold Gallery, Bowness
Broughton Gallery, Broughton
Mellerstain Gallery, Gordon
Red Barn Gallery, Melkinthorpe
2005, 2004
The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne
Moya Bucknall Fine Art, Solihull

  • A Big Cloud Sort Of Day by Robert Newton
  • After Rain by Robert Newton
  • Barbed Wire by Robert Newton
  • Bright Green Field by Robert Newton
  • Calm, After Rain by Robert Newton
  • Early Autumn by Robert Newton
  • Fence Posts, No Wire by Robert Newton
  • Grazing Cows, Morwick by Robert Newton
  • Hillside With Storm Clouds by Robert Newton
  • Rain & Wind by Robert Newton
  • Rain Clearing by Robert Newton
  • Rain, A Few Cows by Robert Newton
  • Rainy, Clear Later by Robert Newton
  • Requiem by Robert Newton
  • River Light, Mid Morning by Robert Newton
  • Row Of Trees, Midday Light by Robert Newton
  • September (The Mile Road) by Robert Newton
  • Sunny Outlook by Robert Newton
  • The Causeway by Robert Newton
  • The Edge Of The Woods by Robert Newton
  • The Last Day Of Winter by Robert Newton
  • The Road To Felton by Robert Newton
  • To The River by Robert Newton
  • Upstream by Robert Newton
  • Warm, No Wind by Robert Newton
  • Weather Front by Robert Newton
  • Wet Fields, Broomhill by Robert Newton
  • Willows In Strong Light by Robert Newton
  • Winter Light, Late Afternoon by Robert Newton
  • Yorkshire Landscape by Robert Newton