Philip Maltman

Philip Maltman has worked as a painter for 25 years. In that time he has produced paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and written work.

He makes continuous reference in his work, to objects on surfaces. The shore, or more accurately, the "littoral" and the ephemeral nature of this area between land and sea, is his original point of departure. He takes into account instances of randomly scattered or discarded objects, natural and man-made, which attract with their inherent, sometimes apparently dormant, energy. This is also echoed in on-going work about Ailsa Craig the island in the Firth of Clyde (part of the Malin Sea) off the coast of South Ayrshire where he lived as a child.

He observes externally, internally, referentially and historically; making works whose subject is not the depiction of the world but what it feels like to encounter the world, whether it includes images, symbols, words, numbers, accidents or design.

The Yarty Valley series has some topographical similarity to the earlier Cyclades series and beach paintings in that an almost aerial viewpoint is achieved by observing trees opposite, from high on one side of the valley of the River Yarty in Devon, where friends have a farm. Weather and time considerations influence the work as do geographic and historic material related to the subject.

Philip trained at Hornsey College of Art (aka Hornsey Commune) and Ravensbourne College of Art and he lists Actions performed with Alan Davie, Captain Beefheart and Joseph Beuys as an essential part of his training.

Solo Exhibitions

From The Malin Sea, Piers Feetham Gallery, London
25 Paintings, Hogarth Club, London
My Shore-Your Horizon, Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr
My Shore-Your Horizon, Clink Wharf Gallery, London
Bede Gallery, Jarrow
Glasgow Print Studio
Old Vic Theatre, London
Scottish Centre for Trade & Industry
Loch Ness, Battersea Arts Centre, London
West Norwood Library, London

Group Exhibitions

London Group Open Exhibition, (Major Award Winner)
Clarion Contemporary Art, London
2004, 2002, 2001
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
Il Mare, Il Mare, Piers Feetham Gallery, London
2003, 2002
Hunting Group Art Prize, London
Contemporary Art Society, London
Chichester Open
Laing Exhibition, London
Paperleaf Art Fair, London
2000, 1999, 1998
Cheltenham Open Drawing Exhibition
John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 21, Walker Art Gallery
1989, 1981
London Group
1987, 1985
Christie's Contemporary Art Auction, London
Leicestershire Collection Exhibition
3x14, Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London
1981, 1980
Bath Festival (Aberbach Fine Art)
Small Is Beautiful, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

  • 1614 by Philip Maltman
  • Abhainn Dhuin (River Doon) by Philip Maltman
  • Bramble Jam by Philip Maltman
  • Bush by Philip Maltman
  • Green 18 by Philip Maltman
  • Hawk (The Picturesque) by Philip Maltman
  • Nature Reserve by Philip Maltman
  • Pink Farm by Philip Maltman
  • Pink Farm #4 by Philip Maltman
  • Pink Farm #9 by Philip Maltman
  • Plane Tree Series #36 by Philip Maltman
  • Pollarded Plane Detail by Philip Maltman
  • Pollarded Plane Tree by Philip Maltman
  • Pollarded Plane Tree #1 by Philip Maltman
  • Rip Tide 10.12 by Philip Maltman
  • Rome by Philip Maltman
  • School Of Petals by Philip Maltman
  • Small Pink Farm #1 by Philip Maltman
  • Small Pink Farm #2 by Philip Maltman
  • Starfish by Philip Maltman
  • Stockland Sunset by Philip Maltman
  • Tana 1 by Philip Maltman
  • Tana 2 by Philip Maltman
  • Tidal Blue 1 by Philip Maltman
  • Tidal Blue 2 by Philip Maltman
  • Tidal Square 1 by Philip Maltman
  • Tidal Square 2 by Philip Maltman
  • Tulip White by Philip Maltman
  • White Garden by Philip Maltman
  • White September by Philip Maltman
  • With A Calm by Philip Maltman
  • Yarty 41 by Philip Maltman
  • Yarty 42 by Philip Maltman
  • Yarty 43 by Philip Maltman
  • Yarty 46 by Philip Maltman
  • Yarty Study (Sunset) by Philip Maltman