Joanna Veevers

Joanna Veevers was born in Sheffield and grew up in the Derbyshire Peak District.

A degree in Printed Textiles at Manchester School of Art, followed by an MA in Ceramics at the Royal College of Art, reinforced and informed an early fascination with drawing, pattern and surface which permeates all of Joanna’s work, which includes slip cast tiles and wall pieces, mosaics, drawings and prints.

In the making of her ceramic drawings and tiles Joanna uses a fine line scratched into plaster and lays down marks and imagery using coloured slips, (liquid clays), in a sedimentary and modular way, prior to casting and firing. The technique results in a ceramic surface with graphic qualities which could be associated with some printmaking processes rather than with making ceramics. Memories, landscape, gardens, stitched textiles, collections, the concept of order and the visual nature of museums; all influence her work’s content and arrangement. Attention to detail, repetition, the division and sub-division of space, and the placement of elements within those spaces, are Joanna’s visual pre-occupations when drawing, designing and making.

Joanna has worked on numerous public and private commissions, widely varied in scale from mosaic floor designs for public spaces, to commemorative plaques, tiles and awards. Her approach to commissions is closely linked to her personal work. The designs are full of visual metaphors and are often site specific or subject driven, resulting in solutions that are informative and relevant.

In addition to completing commissioned pieces Joanna has worked in industry as a ceramic artist/ designer in England and Japan and has sold work extensively through galleries and exhibitions.

Selected Exhibitions

Ceramic Drawings & Assemblages, The Rowley Gallery, London
Scratching The Surface, Farnham Pottery
Better Bankside, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
Teaching Artists's Open Studio, Dulwich Picture Gallery
Ceramics in the City, The Geffrye Museum, London
Southwark Craft Projects, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
Tutor Focus, West Dean College
White Out, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
Observed and Made, De Morgan Foundation, London
Target the Heart, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
Present Collectables, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
Sketchbooks, Drawings and Ceramics, Fleming Gallery
Drawn Together, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London
Teacher's Sketchbooks, West Dean College

  • Allotment 2 by Joanna Veevers
  • Animal Show by Joanna Veevers
  • Brooch: Cat by Joanna Veevers
  • Brooch: Circular by Joanna Veevers
  • Brooch: Feather by Joanna Veevers
  • Brooch: Lady by Joanna Veevers
  • Brooch: Leaf by Joanna Veevers
  • Brooch: Owl by Joanna Veevers
  • Cat Show by Joanna Veevers
  • Ducks On Display 1 by Joanna Veevers
  • Ducks On Display 2 by Joanna Veevers
  • Hands Mirror by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Face 1 by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Face 2 by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Face 3 by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Face 4 by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Face 5 by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Heart by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Roundel by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Roundel by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Roundel by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Roundel by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Roundel by Joanna Veevers
  • Mosaic Roundel by Joanna Veevers
  • Winter by Joanna Veevers
  • Winter Garden by Joanna Veevers
  • Winter Shrubs by Joanna Veevers
  • Winter Trees by Joanna Veevers